Foot operated drum pump has a high capacity floor pump. The foot pump uses high-volume bellows to inflate into drum. Durable construction with one quick-connect fitting that connects the drum adapter. Place yout foot and step firmly down to the foot pump several times that pushes air into the drum. While the air is inflated enough, the liquids inside the drum will be pushed out automatically. Equipped with steel parts, steel tubes, and NBR seal make this pump more functional and ensure a lasting usage. 

• Stainless steel pump body and Viton seal enable this pump more functional and ensure a lasting usage
• High-volume bellows to inflate into drum & Ideal for 55 gallon drum
• Ideal for Oils,  soluble, corrosive, volatile and aggressive chemicals, such as Esters, Ketones, Alcohols, Hydrocarbons
• Durable construction with one quick-connect fitting that connects the drum adapter
• Supply with the check valve to control the fluid to filling and air pressure steady.

• Maximum Pressure: 2.9 PSI.
• Maximum Fluid Temperature:140°F / 60°C
• Bung Adapter: 2" Male
• Inlet: 1-1/4".
• Outlet: 1" O.D. Curved Spout 
• Main Material: Stainless Steel & Viton & P.P. 
• Maximum Viscosity: 2,000 SSU

General Safety Information

1. Always carefully read, throughly understand and follow the pump operating instructions. Use this pump correctly and with care for the purpose for which it is intended. Failure do may cause damage or personal injury, and will invalidate the warranty. Retain instructions for future reference. 

2. Contact your chemical or fluid sipplier to check for compatibility with pump prior to installation and operation.

3. Prior to use, always carefully and throughly read and understand the OSHA information contained in the Safety Date Sheet supplied fot the chemical which is to be pumped.

4. Wear protective clothing (goggles, face masks, long sleevs, ling pants, gloves, aprons, etc.) as set forth in the OSHA Safety Data Sheet when pumping any hazardous chemicals. 

5. When using flammable liquids, pump containers should be grounded to avoid static electricity.

6. Any pump used for transfeering flammable liquids must be stored in a ventilated area after use. 

7. Pump should be washed out before it is used since processing lubricants may contaminate the fluids.

8. Prior to use, inspect your pump thoroughly verifying its proper assembly.

9. If pump is removed from drum, is should be thoroughly rinsed in a liquid that is compatible with both the pump and fluid.