The ULTRA HI-FLOW PUMP is a rotary action pump suitable for transferring diesel, aviation fuels, kerosene & light oils (up to SAE30). The ULTRA HI-FLOW PUMP is capable of transfer rates of 1150-1200ml per revolution (up to 1.15L/min depending on viscosity) from 60 - 205L drums and tanks. The pump is easy to prime and is capable of fluid delivery in both directions. The ULTRA HI-FLOW PUMP is supplied with a 3-piece suction tube, pump handle, 2" bung adaptor and 2.2m anti-static delivery hose. The ULTRA HI-FLOW PUMP is also suitable for users who either cannot use an electric fuel pump for safety reasons or do not have access to power in remote locations. It can be used to transfer AV-Gas* and Jet A1* although users of aviation fuels must check material compatibility with the fuel product they are using.


Features & Benefits

Rotary action pump incorporating a gearbox for high output and easy operation - Ideal for high volume fuel transfer

Delivers 1150ml per revolution - Able to achieve flow rates up to 1.15L/min (in both directions)

2.2m anti-static rubber hose - Suitable for pumping petrol, diesel and kerosene

Built-in nozzle holder - Allows nozzle to be fixed in non-siphoning position

Lockable handle - For added security when pump is unattended

Three piece suction tube - Allows length of suction tube to be adjusted to accommodate different height drums

Built-in 2" sliding bung adaptor - Suits different height drums from 60L - 205L

Robust aluminium housing screwed together - For ease of service and maintenance

Anti-kink springs - Prevents hose from restricting fluid delivery

Fully repairable - Provides longer service life

Optional (FA2N) 10 micron fuel filter available - For extra protection in fuel deliveries



Suitable for 60L - 205L drums

Delivers 1150ml per revolution (Up to 1.15L/min)

2.2m anti-static rubber delivery hose

3/4" BSP threaded pump outlet

Suitable for use with diesel, ULP, kerosene and oils (up to SAE30)

Wetted components: aluminium, steel, zinc, nitrile rubber and viton


Package Includes


2.2m anti-static rubber delivery hose

Three piece suction tube


Built-in 2" sliding bung adaptor