Smart Air Pocket Release Valve


Easy for air grease gun to release air pocket from the tube and accessory

How To Set Up

  • Step 1. Take out the Hex. nut from the gun head.
  • Step 2. Screw the smart valve between the gun head and accessory.
  • Step 3. Ready to pump.

How To Use

  • Step 1. Stop pressing trigger.
  • Step 2. Press the valve 3 to 5 times to release air.
  • Step 3. Press the trigger and ready to use.
  • Step 4. If the grease not comes out at the once, just repeat the above steps until the grease comes out.
Item No. Working Preesure Max. Pressure Package PCS / Carton
A-407 4500 psi 10000 psi Bulk 500
A-407 4500 psi 10000 psi Slide Card 200