Fluids Applie: Kerosene, Light Oil


Operating Instructions:


1.  Insert two 1.5V batteries as the battery case shown.


2. Immerse the suction end of the pump in the fluid.


3. Insert the discharge hose in the fuel tank which you wish to fill.


4. Push button and hold to fill. Be careful to turn off before over filling.





1. Do not run dry. Only switch on after submerging the bottom of pump in fluid to be pumped.


2. Do not use in gasoline, thinner or solvenis.


3. Before pumping Kerosene in, extinguish the heater and wait until it become cool.


4. While pumping, always hold it straight.


5. Do not turn upside down after use and best to hang it up.


6. Remove batteries when not in use of a long time. 


  • DC pump, drinking water pump, manual drinking water pumps
  • Two Batteries - 2 x 1.5V are not included.
  • for kerosene.
  • Standard Packing: 60pcs/ctn, NW: 16.7kgs, GW: 18.5kgs, Cuft: 3.5'